Meet the team – Hannah

WP Project Officer

Portrait of Hannah looking goofy

Who are you?

I’m Hannah, a WP Project Officer at City.

What do you do at City?

I deliver our team’s UniMentors programme (a post-16 mentoring programme so young people in school/college can find out about uni from current students) and work with several schools on a secondary English and Maths tutoring programme.

Best part of your job?

All the positive feedback from students on the mentoring and tutoring programmes – I love to hear that students feel more confident and more informed about their future options after being on the programmes.

How long have you been at City?

Three years – the time has just flown by!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I like to spend my time outside of work doing creative things – I draw and paint (not well but I enjoy it) and I write short stories. I also like to cook but I’m terrible at following recipes so meals can sometimes be a fun experiment!

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