A wonderful Opabinia drawing

Crazy Creatures For Parents and Teachers

Exploring the weird and wonderful creatures of the past!

Crazy Creatures is a series of worksheets and activities designed for Key Stage 2 students learning in a home or virtual classroom setting. Dinosaur-crazed, insect-fascinated and bug-obsessed students will be able to independently explore oddest, weirdest and sometimes cutest animals in the fossil record!

Each sheet looks in detail at one creature with creative, research and reading comprehension tasks to guide students through independent learning for Year 4 – 6. Activity sheets and extension ideas allow for everything to be pulled together into a home learning project delving into the weird and wonderful evolution of life on earth.

Individual work sheets are a fun mini-lesson and together with timeline, graph and art activity sheets support National Curriculum learning on science, evolution and biology.

Crazy Creatures Lesson Plan


Andrewsarchus Anurognathus  Charnia
Diplocaulus  Doedicurus Edaphosaurus
Eremotherium  Gastornis  Gigantopithecus
 Icadyptes Jaekelopterus Lystrosaur
 Tauraspis Stethacanthus Shuuvia
 Opabinia Microraptor


Creatures Timeline

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