Moving on from Primary School

Talking to younger children about transition into secondary school

Moving from primary school to secondary school is an important moment for year 6 pupils and is also something their younger schoolmates experience alongside them.  As we move into the summer term you would normally hear younger children asking questions, feeling sadness or curiosity as some of their older friends leave the school.  This is often an opportunity to introduce education beyond primary school to your child, to reassure them that whilst it is sad to say goodbye to their friends it is also exciting and the start of a new chapter.

The worksheets below are designed to gently introduce the idea that children move through education as a journey, to start discussing secondary school and to provide an opportunity for you to talk to them about any questions or concerns they have.

Love to learn
never to early to start learning about learning

Each worksheet will take between 15-30 mins to complete and are aimed at key stage 2 students. They can be talked through with younger years and older children may wish to do more research into secondary school or watch the full series of videos available on BBC bitesize about transition into secondary school.

It is never too early to start learning about learning.

You can download our Journey Through Education worksheets here Worksheets 1-3

PSHE KS2 Curriculum link– Health and Wellbeing  H24. Problem-solving strategies for dealing with emotions, challenges and change, including the transition to new schools  

If you have any questions you can email us at and we will aim to answer them for you. And if your child completes any of the sheets, we would love to see them, so do send us a photo or screen shot of their work.

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