International Women in Engineering Day: Top 10 picks for girls interested in this career

Interested in engineering and curious about what to do this term? Here are some activities you can do to build your knowledge:     

1.Sign up to Careers with Impact: Meet the Engineers who Shape The World

Run in collaboration with the Mayor of London, the Women in Engineering Society and STEM Learning, this free webinar on 24th June will enable you to gain an insight into what engineers really do. For more information, go to Eventbrite

2.Enter a competition

There are various competition categories for girls of different age groups interested in Engineering on the Women in Engineering Society website.  You can also check out the competition guide here

3.Listen to a radio documentary from the BBC

Check out Britain’s Hidden Talent: Women Engineers which explores why the UK has the lowest proportion of female engineers in Europe.

4.Take a free online course exploring Engineering careers

Try the Engineering Your Dream Career course from the Open University.  A quick interactive course for aspiring women engineers exploring some of the engineering careers that match your interests.

5.Commit to a longer online course

Try learning about the fascinating world of engineering and where a degree course could take you by taking the free course Engineering the Future: Creating the Amazing on FutureLearn

6.Chat to a female engineer

Interact with female engineers through text chat as part of TIC (Transformational Inspirational Career) Talks on 23 June.  You’ll need to register on the liketobe website here   You can also register for the Summer 2020 Zone events where you can also interact with female engineers for International Women in Engineering day.

7. Read “The Woman Engineer” journal

Check out the archives that give a history of the pioneering females within the engineering industry through the Institute of Engineering Technology

8.Take part in a virtual cyber school

Interested in Computer Science and Cyber Security?  Take part in a free virtual cyber school on Cyber Discovery  where you can get involved in tasks and use problem-solving skills.  Limited places are available, so sign up as soon as possible.

9.Keep your mind active with some free STEM home learning resources

Check out the resources through the company Accenture that promotes girls into STEM careers.  Resources are aimed at girls aged 13 plus.  Have a browse of the Network Rail Education Resources, and play the Sustainability Game.  You can also enter a competition open to girls up to the age of 14.   Also try the main STEM learning website for further resources ranging from primary school all the way to post-16 learning.

And finally…

10.Watch an inspiring film

Interested in Aerospace Engineering? The film Hidden Figures tells the story of three truly inspirational and pioneering African-American female mathematicians (Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan) and the prejudices they faced whilst working at NASA during the space race. 









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