Resource Round-Up – Preparing for Uni

There’s more stuff than ever out there to do online and at home to support your journey to University, but with more and more added every day it’s getting tough to find useful, interesting and helpful resources. That’s where we’re coming in with our top three picks of what we’ve found each week to help you get straight to the useful bits.

This week we’re looking at being prepared for University life and Study with our top three picks of stuff to do to help you get ready!


Hannah’s Top Pick: Goldsmiths University Young Writers Competiton

What is it?

Get writing!

A 1,000 word short fiction competition for young people 16-18, with a substantial prize!

Why bother?

It’s an opportunity to practice your writing skills (a key skill for university), start building confidence about submitting your writing and having it read by others (a big fear of a lot of writers!), as well as the chance to win (up to £1000! which is no small amount of money). Even if you do it for fun, it’s a chance to get some creative ideas down on paper and start your writing journey.


Maz’s Top Pick: Virtual Work Experience 

What is it?

This forms part of the Barclay’s Life Skills programme that enables young people to access a working environment virtually.
Work experience…. from home!

Why bother?

I signed up to it and experienced part of it virtually – it’s really clear and user friendly. It gives insight into a company called Freeformers and it’s useful for anyone curious about working in a “digital transformation agency”. You’ll get a really good idea of the kind of skills required for a modern office-based workplace.


Ben’s Top Pick: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs!)

What is it?

Lectures, but you can watch them in bed

Loads of Universities offer starter, intro and taster courses as MOOCs – the best ones are free, really interesting and a great intro to online learning at University. Use a search tool like MyMooc  or Futurelearn to find something you’re interested in and go from there!

Why bother? 

If you’re going to University this summer there’ll be at least some online learning. Get a taster of how that might work, learn about your (or any!) subject and broaden your knowledge. I’m doing one from the University of Alberta in Canada at the moment – a great opportunity to learn something totally new from somewhere I’ve never been!

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