Resource Round Up – Learning on your Own!

There’s more stuff than ever out there to do online and at home to support learning at home, but with more and more added every day it’s getting tough to find useful, interesting and helpful resources. That’s where we’re coming in with our top three picks of what we’ve found each week to help you get straight to the useful bits.

This week we’re looking at Independent study and learning from home with our top three picks of resources for parents, students and teachers to encourage students to explore learning on their own!

Sarah’s Top Pick: BBC Iplayer Kids

Something on the TV that isn’t fortnite!

We all know about the daily lesson, which are fantastic. But the wealth of high quality learning available through the BBC is amazing. Best programmes with educational value for my kids are – Operation Ouch! Horrible Histories, Newsround and Maddies Do you Know? But the great thing is – everything they watch will be great and lots of it they will learn from too. Just easy to use and easy to trust. Could not live without it…

Milana’s Top Pick: RSPBA learning resources


Birds from your back garden! Even in the rain….

It’s an amazing learning resource for families based on a website of The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) that gives you a wide sector of activities and information about the nature and birds. You can identify birds, take part in a garden birdwatch research and many more exciting activities. Activities can happen from your window, or your garden or wherever you can spot birds! Highly recommended!



Leanne’s Top Pick: Each One Teach One Reading and Viewing

Black lives matter is still an ongoing fight around the world and following on from the each one teach one blog post, I wanted to recommend some books and upcoming television programmes that would give you further insight into African and Caribbean History.


1. When We Ruled The Ancient and Medieval History of Black Civilisations – By Robin Walker

2. They Came Before Columbus – By Ivan van Sertima

Cover of Black and British
Black and British: A Forgotten History, David Olusoga

3. Small Island – By Andrea Levy

4. Noughts and Crosses – By Malorie Blackman

5. Black and British: A Forgotten History – By David Olusoga

Television Programmes:

Thursday 2nd July 2020, Channel 4 9pm – The School That Tried To End Racism BBC4 11pm – Whoever heard of a Black artist? Britain’s hidden art history BBC iPlayer have a range of documentaries under the title Black and British.

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