Why I went to university to study Law

My name is Emily and I’m about to start my final year at City, University of London. I am a law student, which is also known as an LLB student.

Why I wanted to study law

Portrait of Law student EmilyAfter working and interning for various government organisations, I decided that the pace of legislative work wasn’t for me. By that, I mean that I wanted to use my education and time to have an effective and direct impact. I wanted more opportunities to talk to people and help them right away.

After starting an international relations degree, I made the decision to switch to law. It was scary, but I knew that with a law degree I could work directly with people. I wanted to be able to talk to people and help them more directly. I thought law provided more chances for the type of career I was looking for.

Types of law degrees

Stacks of booksIt can be a bit confusing when looking into law degrees because there are several different kinds in the UK, and different requirements for different career paths. Solicitors and barristers each have different qualifications and tests they have to take. But essentially, if you’re coming out of your A-levels, you would apply for an LLB. There’s a fancy Latin name but it is essentially a Bachelors of Law that allows you to then go on an qualify for either career path.

“You don’t need to know which path you want to follow when you start your LLB!”

In your first year, you’ll learn about the differences and various requirements! I know plenty of people who are starting their third year and still do not know. The main thing you should know is just that you want to study, learn, and challenge the law.

A lot of people think that you have to be a good public speaker to study law

I think it’s more important that you like to read and write. I spend a lot of my time reading. A law degree is kind of similar to a history degree. I spend my time doing lots of reading about the past.

Sometimes there’s some really funny stories that end up becoming cases. For example, I had to learn about a time when two men were trying to start a duel – a type of battle with swords! Their argument ended up in court, so I got to learn about it 400 years later!

Why I choose City

After I made the decision to pursue a law degree, I needed to figure out where. I had lived and worked for Parliament for a bit, so I knew I loved London. I narrowed my list of potential universities first down by location.

After that, I looked at specifics of the programmes. I knew that I wanted flexibility in the courses I picked. I wanted to be able to choose my classes and not be stuck in the designed schedule for all three years. City met that criteria! I’ve loved the variety of courses I’ve been allowed to choose from.

I also wanted an active school; I remember scrolling through pages of society websites to see which universities would fit my personality. At City, I’ve been able to get involved in a mix of academic and extracurricular societies. I love being able to participate in sports teams, with no prior experience. I tried out for the Central City Allstars and it’s been a highlight of my time at City.

I’m really lucky to be able to balance my studies and fun activities. City had the location I wanted, the courses I was interested in, and the environment to support my academic growth. I researched for a long time before I made my decision, but it was worth it. I’m very happy to be a part of the Wolfpack.

Emily is a third year LLB student, an editor for the City Law review and a member of Central City Allstars, the competitive cheer team.


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