Resource Round Up: British Archaeology Week

There’s more stuff than ever out there to do at home and online, but with more and more added every day it’s getting tough to find useful, interesting and helpful resources.

Right! That’s enough of the introduction out of the way! Ben here, completely taking over resource round up because it’s the Festival of Archaeology this week, and I am far too excited about this to let anyone else give a recommendation.

I studied Archaeology at University because I was fascinated by the idea of working out how people in the past lived their lives. Not reading about it, or talking to people about it or even just thinking about it but by actually getting out there and finding out – digging up the past to work out all the big questions of what life was like way back when.

The Festival of Archaeology is a great way to find out about what studying Archaeology and being an Archaeologist is actually like. From deserts to jungles to your back garden, teeth, bones, metal, stones and poo, there’s a million things going on! Here’s our  my top three for the week:

Post 16: A Day in Archaeology 

An unusual day in Archaeology!

If you’re thinking about studying Archaeology you might have noticed there’s a huge range of different careers, study options and pathways! Every Archaeologist has a different experience, skill set and interests and hearing from professionals who were once making the same choices you are can be really helpful.

A Day in Archaeology is a great resource to explore all of these different ways of doing archaeology, and will be useful as you think about your University, degree and module choices.

Key Stage 3: Ask an Archaeologist! 15th July

Ask an archaeologist why we have tables full of bones!

Ask An Archaeologist day is probably the best thing about twitter. It’s a full day (and usually longer!) where the Archaeologists of Britain are all glued to their keyboards answering any archaeology question no matter how weird, curious, basic or complicated you can think of.

Ask an Archaeologist is a great way to not just find out some interesting things but also to practice some really important University skills. At University you’re not just expected to listen to teachers and follow what they say but to ask awkward questions – all the who, what, where, when as at school but most importantly – WHY. Put yourself, and them, to the test by thinking up your most interesting, most important and (though my Archaeologist friends won’t like me for saying this) difficult things you can think up about the past and archaeology.

Key Stage 2: Viking Adventures Live 

Not Viking but still very cool!

The Viking Age is one of my favourite bits of the past – Vikings got everywhere, did everything and left loads of really interesting stuff behind for us to find even in our own back yards! You might have studied Vikings in school and learnt about their boats, awesome stories, cool jewellery and how important they are to British history.

In 2014 the British Museum made this awesome video about the Viking Age that talks about all sorts of different and really cool things about Vikings, and why we find so much Viking stuff all over Britain!

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