Resource Round Up: GCSE Results Day

Getting ready for the Big Day

The build-up to getting your GCSE results can be a rollercoaster of emotions.  Even more so this year with school closures, confusion over results day and the on going impact of the pandemic and social distancing.  How many of you have felt anxious, optimistic, nervous and excited?

Well, let’s take a deep breath, sit back and see how you can prepare for the big day on Thursday.

Top pick 1 – Resources to help you prepare  

There is a wealth of information online to support and guide you through the whole experience of the day.  Six essential ways to prepare for GCSE results day on the Student Room website is a good place to start.

BBC Bitesize as always has lots of excellent advice, support and tips from teachers, experts and students who have been through this before.

Top pick 2 – Resources to help you with your options    

If it’s all gone well and you have got the grades to move forward with your plans – congratulations. If not, don’t panic!

Many students have to take a step back or make a detour to move forward and there is plenty of help at hand. Talk to your teachers and careers advisers about a new way forward for you. The Careerpilot website offers good advice on your options and what to do on results day.

Remember your options are:          

  1. To continue your academic studies: A Levels or the IB at your current school’s 6th Form or a different 6thForm. Alternatively, you could look at the provision available at Further Education Colleges and 6th Form Colleges.
  2. Vocational courses (such as BTEC’s and the new T Levels) will be available at School 6th Forms, Further Education Colleges and 6th Form Colleges.
  3. Away from full-time education, training is available through the national apprenticeship system and there will also be employment opportunities that offer training to consider too.

Top pick 3 – Resources to ease your mind  

Youth Employment UK provides information on looking after yourself, staying calm and reducing anxiety in the run up to results day.

And if things don’t go to plan on Thursday, don’t worry! By researching your options, considering your choices and discussing your ideas with teachers, careers staff and family, you will find a new pathway to success.

Best of luck to all of you on results day and remember if you would like some more advice or guidance you can chat to our careers adviser at City, University of London contact 



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