A day in the life of a Law student

This is the day in the life of Anas, a penultimate year law student at City University of London.

6am: The early bird gets the worm

Depending on the day of the week and my scheduled timetable for the day, I would usually wake up early around 6am to kick start my day.

I go for a run for about an hour and a half to wake up my jelly like legs and boost my psyche, so I am ready to study effectively during the day and retain the information I cover.

7:30am: My morning routine and commute

Cyclists commuting in LondonI do my daily morning routine before I head out of the door at 9am. (Before the pandemic!) it would take me roughly an hour to cycle because I’m a slowcoach and because I like to admire the London streets on my way to university.

I usually buy coffee or a croissant from one of the various cafes located within the campus.

10am: In the library

I’m in university by 10am, in the library going over what I will cover in today’s lecture for 1 hour so I have an updated idea of the content I will cover which really helps me make efficient and effective revision notes.

11am: Lectures begin

My lecture starts at 11am until 1pm. Don’t worry, we’re allowed a 10-minute refreshment break at 12pm so we can take a break from all of the law jargon we’ve consumed (just kidding law is super fun).

The lecture would consist of 20+ lecture slides on PowerPoint illustrating the key legal concepts we need to understand, the lecturer would guide us through everything as the teaching here at City is amongst the best in the country.

1pm: Lunchtime

I go to have my lunch at the main cafeteria and usually buy a few onion rings alongside a small pizza, how ironic of someone who cycles every day! The food selection at City is amazing, almost everything is Halal and very affordable, and vegans can also choose from a variety of foods.

The university also has a very spacious prayer room for Muslims who wish to perform their 5 daily prayers which is very thoughtful and convenient.

1.30pm: Head to the library
Stacked books in a library
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At 1:30pm I would have finished my lunch and now I would begin to head to the library to collect the thoughts and ideas I had picked up during my lecture. For 2 hours I would go over the information and make more notes so when I come back to them during exam season, I will be very familiar with the content and thus have a really good chance of performing well in my exams.

4pm: End of the day

You may not believe this, but my day usually would end around 4pm. Amazing right! This just shows that being a law student doesn’t mean you need to be the first in the library and the last one out. Since I usually have a lot of free time on my hands, I would visit the university’s very own gymnasium which is roughly a 10-minute walk or a 2-minute cycle for me! I am very keen on staying fit and keeping productive, so around 5pm I’d be in the gym until 6/7pm allowing myself to destress and feel refreshed.

7pm: Home time

After 7pm, I’m at home and enjoying my time at home, proof that as a law student you have plenty of free time to yourself so long as you manage your time effectively and responsibly.

Anas is an LLB Law student at City, due to begin his third and final year in September 2020.


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