Meet an Economics & Accounting student

Naomi is a third year student studying Economics with Accounting who loves trying out all the amazing coffee shops around City. 

Before I Came to University

Before I moved to London and started my course I was home-schooled. This means that I didn’t go to a school and I didn’t have teachers and there was only one person in my class: me! I had all my lessons at home, and I got to choose which subjects I studied which was great because I was able to only learn things I found exciting! Being at home was great; I wore my pyjamas a lot of the time and I got to spend a lot of time outside and go on trips with my family.  

Though I really enjoyed my time at home, knew I needed a new challenge. This is when I decided to go to university. I knew I needed some qualifications to get me there, so I started studying! I did a mixture of A-Levels and BTECs over a few years until I had all the grades I needed to apply to university. I studied Business, Psychology and Economics; and it was this Economics A-Level which helped me to realise this was what I wanted to study at university. 

My Course

The course I chose to study at university was Economics with Accounting. Because I picked a degree with two subjects, I was able to learn about two different topics instead of just one.  


Economics is the study of how countries, businesses and individual people behave and how they make and use goods and how these goods are spread all around the world. For example, if coffee is being grown in South America and people in the UK want to drink it this is an economic problem. The coffee needs to get from the people who grow it to the people who want to use it and so one country (or person) needs to pay the other so that the coffee can be moved around the world to reach the people who need it. People who study this need to be good at solving problems and able to research information that will help them make good decisions. 


Accounting is all about measuring and communicating information about businesses. Most of the time this is to do with money: how much money a business has and how they are using it. Sometimes the information is about other things like the people who work for the company or the goals of the business. All the information that people need to know about a business is put into a report so that people who read it can know whether the company is doing well. People who study this need to be good with numbers and able to explain complicated thing to others so they can understand. 

My Home

Whilst at university I lived in halls. This means I lived in a big block of flats with lots of other students who were all studying at university too. Living with other people from your university is a great way to make friends and have lot of fun. Halls are also usually near the university which means you don’t have to travel too far to get to your classes… which means you get more sleep in the mornings! 

My Job

CinemaWhen you go to university you soon realise that everything seems to cost money! A lot of people work part-time while they study to make a little bit of extra money, so this is what I did too. I worked at a cinema for a few years which was really cool because I got free tickets to watch loads of movies. There are also lots of jobs available actually in the university itself and I was involved in lots of these too. I worked as an Ambassador which means I met lots of people who were thinking about coming to university and helped them to find out all about the university.  

My SocietyChristian Union Logo

Universities have these amazing things called societies, which are groups of students who get together to do sport, or learn new skills, or think about new ideas, or just make friends! I helped to run a society called the Christian Union which was a group of Christians who met together to talk about the things we believe and put on events to tell other people about them too. Being in a society is a great experience and if you can get involved in leading it you can use this as experience when you want to find a job later on. 

I hope this gives you an insight into what student life could be like, and hopefully you can see how many opportunities there are to make your own  experience unique and exciting! 

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