Meet a Journalism student

Sam is a third year Journalism student and a Student Ambassador for Marketing and our WP team.

Hi Sam! Tell us about what you’re doing at university.

I’m currently entering my third year of university studying Journalism at City. I attend university between three and four days per week, depending on my timetable. I don’t usually go in unless I have lectures. 

Before university, I studied English Language and Literature, Spanish, Media, and Geography at A-Level. 

How are you being assessed on your course?
Studying journalism means you learn about TV, radio, online and print.

I’m being assessed through a mixture of practical and written assignments.

The practical work includes video packages, radio bulletins, and live news days.

In comparison, the written work is made up of academic essays, feature articles, and other blog-style posts. For elective modules, the assessments are similar.

Are you part of any clubs/societies?

I play for two sports teams at City: Cricket and Squash. There are weekly matches throughout term time for squash and usually cricket matches in the summer. Training for both also takes place during term time on a daily basis. 

Do you have a part time job?
Student ambassador here to help
I worked as an ambassador for both our marketing team and WP team

I work in the Marketing and Widening Participation departments at City as a Student Ambassador. 

This means I work on open days, visit days, and events at other schools in London helping students gain an insight about higher education. I also represent City at UCAS fairs and higher education events as part of the Marketing team. 

Do you live at home or in halls?

I lived in Halls (student accommodation) in my first and second years at City, and enjoyed the closeness to the university and comfort of the facilities. It sometimes felt quite lonely and I missed my family. But on the whole, it was a positive experience in both years and certainly something others might want to try. 

What skills do you need for your Journalism degree?

My degree requires excellent communication skills, a willingness to adapt to changing platforms, as well as the ability to work well under pressure. I also need lots of creativity to come up with new ideas for articles and news stories.

People look at a newspaper
Working in teams on a project was an exciting part of my degree

Every day is different on this exciting course. However, by far the most thrilling days are the news day assessments that take place towards the end of the second year. Everyone was present from 9am-5pm (much like a real working day), and worked in teams to produce a 30-minute radio or TV bulletin which had to be recorded and presented LIVE! 

I worked as a reporter on the TV newsday: I spent an hour phoning up possible interviewees and outlining the footage required with my partner, filmed at various locations around the university, edited the best clips and recorded a voice over. With a deadline, I had to manage my time effectively! 

Life is rarely dull as a journalism student at City! 

Sam works through Unitemps for our Marketing and Widening Participation teams here at City. 

Unitemps is City’s onsite Recruitment Service, helping students and graduates find temporary, part-time and paid work.

Check your university for work and volunteering opportunities you can take part in.

If you are interested in a careers in journalism check out this blog post from our careers adviser Maz on how you can boost your personal statement for journalism.

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