Why I went to uni to study Computer Science

Alexandra is a third year student studying computer science, who once made a video game in only 48 hours. 

Hello! Im Alex, I am in my third year studying computer science

Why I Chose Computer Science

Space Shuttle
Aerospace Engineering was something I was originally interested in.

Initially I wanted to study aerospace engineering (building airplanes and spacecraft) but I found that my skills were better for computer science.

Both of these subjects would provide me with the necessary skills to help bring about the version of my future I wanted to see. (I realised I wouldnt make a very good astronaut so at the very least I could help build the spacecraft & the programs that fly them.)

AI – Artificial Intelligence

I am interested in artificial intelligencewhich is the aspect of computer science that looks into how computers can think and learn like people. This part of computer science is shaping the future of technology through programs that can learn.

Leaving For University

I am from the United States and I moved to London to study at City. I chose City because it is known for its computer science program. However, this did mean moving away from home to live in student housing in another country. While the idea was scary, I was excited for the opportunity to live on my own and explore another country 

coffee sign
Making friends has been a big part of university life

The first few weeks away from home were tough, but I knew that I was working toward something that I really cared about and that helped me to meet people on my course and around the university. So although I didnt have my family or dog with me, I made good friends who still encourage me to learn and grow today.

When considering university, cost was also something I had to take into account as my older sister was attending college in the US at the same time. This is another reason I looked to the UK, the courses run for three years instead of four, and the tuition is less. I also knew that computer science is a very rewarding field and that with my interest in artificial intelligence the benefits would outweigh the costs.

I always wanted to know how computers and smart phones worked.

My Favourite Things About University 

While I primarily chose to attend university for the academic and career benefits, I have since found that university is so much more than that. In the past year alone: I have joined two societies, attended a hackathon, built a short video game in only 48 hours, and so much more. None of which would have been possible without the resources and skills I have gained at City.

coding text
Learning so much about computer science is something I really enjoy

Another thing I love about university is the wide range of topics being covered on my course. While I had initially thought computer science was just coding, I quickly learned that there are many facets to it. My course allows me to be exposed to a wide range of subjects within the field this helps us to be as prepared as possible for employment and for further study.

Attending university has been an incredibly rewarding opportunity, and I cant wait to continue my studies this September. 

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