My Marketing Placement: Part 1 The Application

Juste is a third year student participating in the Micro Placement Programme run by City, University of London’s Careers Service. Read below to find out how Juste got the placement.

What is a Micro Placement and why did I apply?

The aim of the Micro Placement programme is career exploration and involves being matched up with a placement that was outside the field I am studying – Criminology and Sociology.

I applied to this programme because I wanted to spend my summer building my transferable skills (core skills and abilities that can be used in many different jobs and industries) and gain more experience!

I first heard of the programme via email at the start of the year. I didn’t think much of it and to be honest, I hardly read the email. But, over the weeks, my friends at university started talking about it and discussing what a great opportunity it would be to gain more experience.

The application process was long

And I mean LONG. It began with expressing your interest in the programme by filling in an application, this was followed by attending a workshop which discussed the entire application process.

After this, I had to complete a much more detailed application form and update my CV.

When I was successful through this stage, I was invited to an Assessment Centre (where candidates for a job take part in a combination of tasks and activities that test their suitability for the job) which sounds intense I know! But it was actually, surprisingly enjoyable! I got to meet other students from City and whilst the teamwork-based activities were challenging, they were also really fun.

Lastly, I was invited for a face to face interview, which took place at uni. I was most nervous for this as it is the final and most intense stage of the application process because you are alone and have no idea what questions you will be asked.

And the outcome?

The application part went well, and I was so happy when I found out I was successful!

I ended up securing a placement as a Marketing Lead in an organisation that is set out to help young people achieve their goals and learn new skills. My placement ran from the end of June to the start of August.

Find out how it goes in Part 2.

Interested in getting your own placement at City? Have a look at the Micro Placement Programme in more detail here. (Or research other universities and see what they offer.)

To hear about Juste’s placement, what it’s like working remotely, the challenges, positives and skills gained, read the rest of Juste’s placement story here.

You can also watch this short video to see how one of our students got on during their Micro-Placement.

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