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Mauro is a final year undergraduate student studying BSc Management, enjoys playing football and competing in 10km races, and spent 50% of his time on sports training.

Managing Management (and other things)

Mauro runningAs an athlete, going to university was a difficult choice because it would divert a substantial amount of my attention from training and performing. However, I decided that I could do both and I genuinely spent 50% of my time at the university, and the remaining 50% at training.

My Management course required a substantial amount of group coursework which meant teamwork with other people. For me, it meant I was on-campus 4-5 days a week, and training twice a day.

I didn’t have a part-time job, but I did work as a Student Ambassador for a year – which is a great opportunity for students who seek work, responsibility, and pay.

The most interesting non-course related project I’ve worked on was organizing the K-Pop night; the most amazing food, music, and drinks were offered on the night, and the university community benefited from a very inclusive and welcoming event.  

The course

The BSc Management degree is all about some of the really big problems of how we live; how to plan, organize, and lead people, systems, or things. This course gives you the opportunity to learn the things you need make the world a better place to live. It’s a great foundation for future managers and professionals and focuses on several critical elements such as financial mathematics, and understanding key concepts in systems thinking.

By far the most interesting course related module I’ve studied was Systems Thinking. It was a highly conceptual module that focused on how systems behave and how the world is subject to different interpretations.

It will allow me to prepare for a future career in banking and later in public service, working for the Angolan government.

My favourite thing about university

At university you’re given an opportunity to grow and improve yourself, whilst also becoming aware of the existing problems in our society.

For example, I was able to present at the London Student Sustainability Conference which improved my confidence and public-speaking skillsbut it also made me realise that we must act quickly to develop solutions to mitigate the heavy environmental damage caused by human activity.  

What it takes to study Management

For students interested in the BSc Management degree, the key skills you’ll need are effective communication, teamworking, critical thinking – and above all – good time management. (WP Team: the latter being a key skill that helped Mauro balance his studies, sports and work commitments!)

You’ll most often be assessed in a strict manner, which also requires you to become a punctual and responsible person. 

Looking back on my degree

As a final year BSc Management student, I gladly look back at my three-years at City’s Business School

My experience was unique because I was able to combine my commitment to sports with achieving my academic goals, whilst also maximising my social skills.

For example, whilst drafting my dissertation on Angolan Healthcare Systems, I was also preparing myself for the Student Union Leadership Elections and participating/creating other activities such as the Black History campaign on campus to celebrate Black History Month. 

Find out more about student elections and societies here:

At City, students have the opportunity to work as a Widening Participation Ambassador (like Mauro), as well as Marketing Ambassadors, City Buddies and more. Check each university’s website to find out how you can develop your skills and get paid work.

Find out more about City’s Business School and the courses we offer.

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