Resource Round up is Back: Ideas for Winter

dreary London through a rainy window
Rainy cold weather makes it harder to spend time outside

At the start of the summer holidays I shared some easy ideas about the things my family had planned to enjoy our summer break.  Summer feels long ago now, and although we are still in autumn it very much feels that winter is upon us, so it seemed like a good time for an update.  Winter activities and normal plans are not possible in the same way in 2020, with its lockdowns, tiers, and social distancing, we have to be extra creative to remain active and entertained whilst spending time together as a family.

Sarah and Violet out for a walk
Me and my daughter on one of our many walks

Idea One: Matchbox Challenge.

What you will need: Small box, such as a match box or Tupperware tub

Festive Matchboxes
Children can decorate the matchboxes or tubs to make it extra fun and creative

If one thing has defined my family time this year it has been the walks*, oh so many walks. And on these walks my kids love to collect stones and sticks, feathers and flowers and anything else they find interesting to fill my house.  I recently came across the idea of the Matchbox Challenge which I love.  Before a walk each child is given a small box or tub to fill with ‘treasures’, meaning they are more thoughtful about what they collect, and I don’t have to negotiate with a 6-year-old about leaving the 2kg stone where she found it.

Idea Two: Television, the Drug of the Nation. 

What you will need: television

As much as I love this tune by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcrasy I am not one to demonise TV.  Since the start of the pandemic my kids have done a large portion of their learning through the shows they watch (thank you Horrible Histories, Operation Ouch and Newsround).  The CBeebies annual Christmas show is set for the 12th December this year and there are various Christmas activities on their website to accompany the show.  There are loads of CBeebies Christmas specials this year for the kids to enjoy.

Idea Three: Design Challenges.

What you will need: Pen or pencil and some plain paper.

A few weeks ago, as a family we started watching Interior Design Masters on Netflix, in the show each contestant was given a shop they had to redesign.  Whilst watching the show, and completely unprompted, my girls started designing their own shops, then castles and ideal bedrooms.  This got me thinking about other seasonal design challenges we could set such as:

  1. Design and decorate your own Winter Wonderland or snowman
  2. What would the perfect Christmas shop look like?
  3. I have put together a Santa sleigh challenge that you can download.

We would love to see your children’s designs so do share them with us.

Please tell us what you will be doing with your family over the winter months, let’s all share our ideas and help each other through.

Sarah x

* This blog post is about family activities, but I wanted to take a second to talk about walks on my own.  Most mornings I walk for 30 mins alone.  Walking gives me exercise, space, time to think and much needed time alone.  Whatever your version of a walk alone is, prioritise it.

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