Why I moved abroad to study International Business

Samantha is a second year student in International Business at City’s Business School. 

Hello and welcome!

I am originally from Venezuela but decided to move to London three years ago. Why?

Well to give you my honest opinion, I did not have much of a choice! My sister graduated from high school before me and she was already settled in London studying at university, so my family gave me two options: either staying in Venezuela or moving to London to continue my university studies. And to be honest, I’m glad I did not have lots of choices because nowadays I can say I wouldn’t prefer spending my first years of university anywhere else. 

What I was looking forward to?

Finding myself and discovering new versions of me while chasing my dream career in Business.

I knew I had to get moving when I realised I was getting too comfortable being at home. Perhaps it was my gut speaking and telling me it was time for a change. Indeed, it was. I was already looking for freedom, financially and socially. I wanted my own space and time to be with myself again and studying in London gave me the life purpose I needed to keep going and working hard for my dreams of having my own skincare business to come true.  

Having second thoughts?

At first I was incredible doubtful of moving away from home as I knew I would only get back for winter or summer breaks, so knowing I was leaving behind an important phase of my life was hard to reconcile with at the beginning. However, once I got into the whole university application process it was impossible not to get excited by the new world yet to see!

I was positive and open to meeting new people, visiting new surroundings, getting the grasp of different cultures, finding new hobbies that aligned with my interests in fitness, nutrition and skincare.  

So, turning the page and seeing there was a whole book yet to be written, was nostalgic but very much thrilling. 

What influenced my decision?

What mainly influenced my decision was the school I wanted to get into: Cass Business School. Since before graduating from high-school I was looking at their modules and programmes offered, and I truly wanted to get into one of the most diverse and reputable business faculties in Europe. Most importantly it was the fact that not many universities offered the career I wanted: International Business. Most of them only offered Business Management, so when I did my research and found out City’s Business School offered it along with the opportunity to go abroad, it aligned with the change I was looking for.

Learning new skills and topics

mainly wanted to get into Business to get a grasp of key topics such as Management in the workplace, Human Resources and Microeconomics. Luckily, these were the very first modules I had in my first year. Throughout my time at university I have had so many teachers from different backgrounds who have shared their knowledge on topics.

I even gained insights into Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance. Even though these might seem challenging, teachers give you all the needed content and material to revise.  

What do I enjoy the most about my course?

Two things: the modules and people I have met during the course.

Studying International Business has given me the benefit to have a grasp of the sectors aligned with my career. In this I have had the chance to meet book authors, even organisers, business founders, who have been guest speakers in several of my lectures.

I have also bonded not only with people in my course (from which I got the greatest friendships I could have ever asked for) but with teachers too, to the extent I still get congratulated via LinkedIn for new job positions from my teachers when I was a fresher 

My favourite thing about university?

What I like the most about the Business School and City is how it has become my second home. The university has opened me its doors to achieve my best potential when studying and meet great people. Even when I needed a break from the exterior world, City has given me the comfort I needed.   

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