Why I choose to be an LLB Law student

Anas is a third year Law student who cycles to university and likes to admire the London streets on his way in. 

About me

Anas's portrait

Hello! My name is Anas and I am due to begin my third and final year as an LLB Law student in September 2020 (LLB is a fancy word for my degree classification). That’s me!  —>

I am classified as an EU student (queue the Brexit memes) since I enrolled into City as a British Citizen as opposed to a foreign student who has travelled from abroad.

I also live at home with my parents and have not decided to move out whilst I am studying which I highly recommend. I decided to not move out since I live a stone throw away from campus and mainly because the responsibilities you burden are a lot less such as not worrying about paying your rent and so forth which can be really challenging to handle alongside exam pressure during exam season. 

I love to interact with people and I am part of the Chess, Entrepreneurial, and Law Society (City has 100+ societies you can join). You can read about my societies experience here.

Why I chose Law
That’s me (well, my hand!)

I chose to study law at university for various personal reasons, some which were rather naïve such as believing being a lawyer resembled the fictional American television series of ‘Suits’.

But the main reason why I chose law was because it revolved around one of my strongest skills: communicating via speech and writing.

Being able to effectively communicate is an impetrative skill that any aspiring lawyer or aspiring law student must have under their belt. By that I do not mean you need to have the most in-depth vocabulary or be able to sound like an 18th century Englishman, no, these myths surrounding law aren’t any truer than Santa Clause himself. 

During my final year of sixth form I began to religiously devote myself to becoming a Criminal Law judge after a very personal incident seriously affected me. Therefore, the idea that I could provide legal advice to human beings who are caught up in a difficult time in their life really appealed to me.

“I could seek justice against perpetrators of crime and justice for victims as well as defending innocently accused individuals (making me feel like Batman which is a bonus!)

I also decided to study law as it is a very thought-provoking field of study (get prepared to say wtf a million times in the library). Alongside some of the revision books which weigh more than most mountains which blows your mind, the content you study as a law student is very unique.

What’s it like to study Law?

You learn the knots and bolts that help society to function, you get to appreciate the hard work lawyers do in ensuring justice prevails, and you begin to test yourself in attempting to understand topics which are difficult enough to make adults scratch their heads. But you need not worry!

Studying law is suited to anyone who likes to undertake hours of late-night coffee sessions or simple daily hourly revision sessions; the more you put into your course the more you will get out.

Anas's trip to Paris

The misconception that studying a law degree leaves you with little to no free time is very untrue, more often than not I find myself travelling with friends proving that if you are able to manage your time effectively, you can enjoy your law degree and your own personal life outside the library doors.  

Here’s a picture I took from my trip to Paris midway through my second semester this year!

And you can read about my average day as a law student here.

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