Meet a Computer Science student

Alexandra is a third year student studying Computer Science, who once made a short video game in only 48 hours. 

My journey to City

Im originally from the US where I completed high school. While there I studied a wide variety of topics in AP classes (A Level equivalent) such as Computer Science Principles, Comparative Government and Politics, and English Literature and Composition.  

I decided to study in the UK, and London specifically as I had lived here when I was little. Additionally as a dual UK/US national, London has always been like a second home. I also chose London due to my acceptance to City, as I was very interested in the computer science program they offered. 

It was a little scary at first, as I moved to London on my own to attend City, but it’s not a decision I regret in the slightest. I quickly made friends and settled into living in London. 

Studying at City

Ive just finished my second year at City. In the past two years I have been exposed to a wide variety of experiences and topics. As a computer science student I have had a number of classes covering both the design and implementation aspects of creating software. 

One of my favourite classes was Programming in Java. Not only did it cover the fundamentals of programming, but it also gave the opportunity to create a game using what had been taught.

While my game was generally not very fun to look at (thanks to my admittedly terrible photoshop skills) I was incredibly proud of the fact that I had created it from start to finish.  

The game was one of a few different assessments I had that year, ranging from projects to final exams in January or May. This year was similar, with a mixture of exams and projects. One of the projects was a presentation on a technology company of our choice, although I was very nervous, I actually had a good time sharing the information I had learned with my classmates.  

Communication is an important skill in computer science, as it can often be difficult to explain what you are doing, which is crucial when you need assistance. Aside from communication, determination and problem solving are the most important skills a computer scientist can have.  

Something I appreciate about university is the freedom that comes with it. Classes dont necessarily run every weekday. In fact, last semester I only had three days of classes a week. This is one of my favourite things about university, as much of the learning is done on your own time, allowing time for other activities. 

Life at university

Life at university is exciting and full of opportunities. City has lots of different clubs and societies, and I am currently a part of two societies: The City Data Science Society and The Carrot Magazine Society.

The data science society focuses on the branch of computer science called  data science. They also host events where industry professionals talk about their experiences.

The Carrot Magazine society is the network of writers and editors who create Carrot Magazine, Citys student publication. As a member I can chose articles to write alongside an editor, who later publishes them to the site.  

I also work as both a Widening Participation and Marketing Student Ambassador. This means I help out with events on campus, as well as visiting sixth forms and colleges to promote City. 

Through my time at university, I have had the unique experience of living both in halls and at home during my studies. Living in halls was a great way for me to develop life skills as well as allowing for a greater degree of independence.  

As a whole, university has been really rewarding for me in the friends I have gained and all the new things I have learned.  

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