Why I went to university  to study Journalism

Julia is a third year student studying Journalism, who likes listening to old music and watching sunsets. 

To go to university or not to go?

For me, going to university was a natural choice. I have never thought about not attending a university. My mom did her undergraduate and masters degree, however, my dad didn’t go to any university; instead, he attended a technical school and later joined the army, which was compulsory in Poland back then.

I have always loved learning, both at school and on my own, so there was no question about studying at a university – but I never knew I would move to another country to do so!

What would university be like?

I had many ideas about what university is like, but most of the information I had was about Polish schools; when it comes to any foreign ones, I knew a lot from my own research and, well, movies (but this image is often distorted). Although I didn’t have a clear idea of what university would be like, I definitely was expecting something.

I wanted the university I went to to be diverse, in terms of my fellow students but also the courses and experiences it offered. And City didn’t let me down! I am able to take up courses ranging from humanitarian reporting to culture and media, in a course with people from all around the world.

Journalism course

When it came to deciding what course I would be undertaking, I wasn’t sure. I applied to a couple of different ones, though all of them were still quite open and gave me a wide range of career possibilities in the future.

Journalism seemed like the best choice in terms of what modules I would be able to take, who the staff was and the rankings. What I love about the degree is that it allows to both practise my practical skills but also work on academic projects.

I have been able to create video and audio packages with all the professional requirements in mind but also to research media coverage of natural disasters and gender stereotypes in the news.

My City experience

When it comes to City, I would say the opportunities it gave me is my favourite thing about it. I was able to grow as a person because of the challenges my course posed, such as talking to strangers to get news for assignments.

I was also able to help my parents out financially by undertaking many jobs around the university which were very helpful.

And a physical part LIbraryof City, which became my favourite in my second year, is the library. I enjoy going to a place where I can be surrounded by people and still have my own space to think and work.

I also like to know that when I’m there studying (and struggling with another assignment) everyone beside me is doing exactly the same. It creates an atmosphere of group solidarity and understanding!

Although Julia wasn’t sure what she wanted to do at first, she did her research and learnt about what modules were offered on different courses, which allowed here to see that Journalism was the right choice for her! Take a look at university websites and at different courses to see how courses are assessed, what modules you can take, and what additional opportunities there might be such as studying abroad or getting a scholarship.

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