What does a Law student get up to at uni?

Portrait of Law student EmilyEmily is a third-year student studying Law, who loves cats and being a part of City’s Wolfpack. 

Hello, my name is Emily and I am about to start my third year of my LLB, my Bachelor of Law.  

I am one of City’s many international students!

City has a large population of students and professors from all around the world. I love getting to meet people and learn all about where they’re from. On top of that, London is my gateway to the rest of the world. So far, I have travelled somewhere different every time I get a break from university.  

My course terms are ten weeks long and we get one week off in the middle. Reading week can be used to catch up on schoolwork or start assignments, but I usually use it for traveling! 

Sports has been my highlight

On top of my own travels, I have gotten to travel as a member of the Central City Allstars.

Central City allstars cheerleading team

CCA is City’s Division 1 competitive cheerleading team! Travelling and competing with the team has taken me to places throughout England that I never would have gone to on my own.

It’s also pretty fun to pack into a coach with so many of my friends and laugh the whole way. I never thought I would join a sports team, but City has so many opportunities to try new things. I even took a free fencing lesson at the university’s gym.  

“Making friends through sport and trying new things has been a highlight of my time at university.”

On top of all the fun activities, I do also enjoy my course

I’m at university usually four to five days a week. However, a lot of law requires independent work; I need to do the reading and studying on my own, outside of class. For most of my courses, my grade is determined by one exam or essay at the end of term.  

That means that I must work all throughout the term and make sure that I am keeping up with the material. The onus is on me to do well and follow the pace of the class. If I don’t understand something from the reading, I can ask a professor and talk through the issues with them.

So far, all of my professors have done their best to support their students. Law can be a challenging subject, but the professors do their best to help us through it. 

Overall, I really like all opportunities I have as a City student. From sport and societies to the academic rigor, City has been a great place for me to learn and grow. 

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