Why I went to uni to study Criminology and Sociology

Juste is a third year undergraduate student studying Criminology and Sociology, who used to do ballroom dancing but is now very much into fitness and training! 

Why I decided to go to university 

My educational journey in the UK began at 10 years old, when my family and I moved here from Lithuania in 2010. Having moved from a less developed country, I knew I wanted to seize all the opportunities that came my way, such as going to university. So, during all my time at school, I knew my educational journey would end with me going to university and getting a degree. 

However, it wasn’t until I started my studies at Sixth Form that I actually gave thought to what course I would take. 

My strongest subject at Sixth Form was Sociology – I enjoyed the essay writing and learning about the different variety of cultures and societies around the world. So, I decided to dig deeper and pursue sociology as my course at university.

However, the main thing that further contributed to my decision to go to university was going to an Open Day at Kent University. At the open day, I went to a Criminology taster lecture, this was only because it was the only lecture that I could attend that fit my schedule for the day (and that was in a building I actually managed to find!).

The taster lecture caught my interest as the lecturer spoke about the mindset of criminals, and the different motivators that lead them to committing crime. And also, my favourite topic in Sociology was crime, therefore, I decided I want to study both Criminology and Sociology.

I realised that this course would allow me to pursue a wider range of careers after I graduate. This greatly contributed to my already existing desire to go to university as I became really keen on studying Criminology and Sociology.  

Why I chose City University

The photo here is of the outdoor area of the main campus (Northampton Square) I took during wintertime – believe me it does no justice to show how this area actually looks like! Especially during summertime when it’s all green and sunny!

A few weeks later, I went to an Open Day at City University and immediately fell in love with the campus and the whole atmosphere of the university. The main campus of the university is comfortable and spacious: I remember sitting outside on the bench at Northampton Square and realising that I could really see myself being part of this university.

I really liked the fact that the streets around the main campus weren’t as busythere were trees and places to sit and socialise. Unlike many other London universities, the buildings are right on the main streetI also liked the atmosphere of the university, for example, the Student Ambassadors there were really helpful and friendly. 

That’s one of the reasons why I decided to become a Student Ambassador, was to give to back to the environment that benefited me so much when I first began university.  

In summary, I initially wanted to go to university to make the most of the opportunities that were available to me. And later, having found a course I want to study and a university that I really liked, gave me the final push to enrol.  

What I am enjoying the most about my course

I’m going into my third year of university and I am so nervous! Especially about the fact that I have to write a dissertation this year on my chosen topic.

However, the thing I have enjoyed the most about my course is the Criminology modules about theory. I have enjoyed learning about the different theories about crime, and what criminologists throughout history have thought about the different reasons for people committing crimes. 

During my first year at university, I had to write an essay on a Criminological theory of my choice for one of my modules. One of my favourite theories is the Rational Choice Theory, which states that criminals are rational beings that weigh up the pros and cons of committing a specific crime. For example, if stealing a car has more pros rather than cons, then the likelihood of them committing that crime increases.  

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