What you need to know if you’re thinking of studying Law

Diana is a third year LLB student, who loves mystery novels and painting. 

My name is Diana and I’ve just finished my second year of a three-year Law course. Although these are uncertain times for literally all of us, I am looking forward to beginning my third and final year – and at the same time mournful that it will be my last as an undergrad.  

A student of Law

I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a solicitor in secondary school so when I went to college I studied History and English Literature to prepare me for all the reading, writing and analysing (and I took Media Studies for fun). If you haven’t picked your A-level subjects yet but you know you want to study law in university, I would recommend essay based subjects that include lots of reading. 

Themis the Goddess of JusticeYou may not be sure if you want to be a solicitor or barrister yet, or even a lawyer at all. You don’t have to know before you start. A law degree can open other doors too if you decide you don’t want to be a lawyer after all.

I definitely knew I did not want to be a barrister as I was not interested in representing clients in court. I was even more sure after some legal work experience in college. Solicitors mostly work in law firms in offices which I prefer. I would recommend doing some research on the two careers and getting some work experience will really help with this decision. 

 If you’re considering studying Law in university, I say go for it! It is a lot of work but worth it in the end. 

A City University student

As a City University student, my experience has been great. I love that there are lots of opportunities to meet people and socialise with plenty of societies to join. Although I’m not the social butterfly myself, it’s nice to know the option is there, especially in your first year when it can be a bit daunting to meet new people. One of favourite things about City is definitely the location. It is at the heart of London, with easy access to coffee shops, restaurants and retail shops.  

The LLB course in City is fantastic. You get to pick most of the modules and chances are since you’ve picked it, you’ll like it! The topics are really interesting and engaging, there is something for everyone.

Student reading in libraryBeware though, the LLB programme takes a lot of independent study– and I really mean a lot – so you have to be organised with your time. Along with the skill of time management, you’ll need a lot of discipline and focus for those hours and hours of reading and note taking.

Don’t fret though, developing these skills is part of the university experience. I really feel that I’ve grown from my university experience. 

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