Moving abroad to study

Julia is a BA Journalism student, who likes listening to old music and watching sunsets. 

I am originally from Poland and have lived there my whole life, though I have always wanted to move abroad after high school. I have always wanted to go to university – there was never any other option. I think education is one of the most important things in life and I’m grateful I was able to go to London while some people may not have similar opportunities.  

airportDespite it being a natural choice for me and I had known I would move abroad, when it came to actually moving, it was quite overwhelming. I still remember the time I said goodbye to my parents at the airport. It seemed as though I wouldn’t see them for a whole year, while in reality it was only three months. Even now, after being in the UK for two years to study, airports are still not my favourite place.  

Moving to a different country, alone, at the age of 19, is not easy for anyone. 

England has a completely different culture than Poland, in terms of the general mindset, traditions or politics. That’s why I was scared it would be a difficult transition. And I cannot say the first couple of weeks were easy but with each new “hidden gem” found in London, I felt more and more connected to it. 

After some time I even started to feel like one of the locals (although it’s still an exaggeration)! It’s crazy how places can make you feel. For me, Primrose Hill became a very important site. I would go there to relax, read books, think, and when I was homesick, it was the place that could calm me down. I love the view of London at sunset and watching dogs playing with their owners. I think everyone need a place which makes them feel good and, somewhat, at home, and for me that’s Primrose Hill.  

How I feel about the move

It is also very interesting that after the move I started appreciating Poland even more. Now, each time I’m back home I know it’s going to be wholesome and fulfilling – regardless of what I’m doing – because I’m missing it so much. Nevertheless, I do not regret going abroad to study, and I am actually planning on going even further and living in as many countries as I can before “settling down” somewhere, wherever it will be. 

Coming to London has definitely broadened my perspectives and presented me with experiences I would have never been able to enjoy elsewhereI think it’s an important step in a person’s growth to go and explore themselves in another surroundings – before starting an “adult” life – and London definitely makes it possible! 

Where to start if you’re thinking of studying abroad


If you’re thinking of going abroad to study, you can start simple – with your phone. Research what countries interest you and what course seems appealing! Then, when you know these two, it all comes down to your preferences. Do you want to live in a big city or be at a campus university?

The internet is a great place to find information about literally anything, so don’t be scared and check everything you need. The process might be wearisome, but try to stay open minded and remember about the prize at the end! 

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