Returning to university after the pandemic

Sarea is a third year English student who enjoys reading contemporary novels and exploring different places to travel to around the world.

The first term of university is well under way but many students who have just finished their first year during COVID-19 have had to adjust to in person teaching in their second year at university for the first time.

Since the beginning of Covid only students with specific degrees have been allowed on campus whilst a majority of us have been studying our course fully online. Despite the flexibility online learning offers, we all know how daunting it can be to step into campus for the first time, let alone coming to to campus after studying online for a full year with minimal social contact.

But it can also be very exciting as you get to meet those faces you’ve been seeing behind your laptop screen finally! 

It can be very nerve racking exploring the university campus for the first time when you haven’t been before. You may be wondering how you can make your return to campus as a second year student easier.

Why not start by watching a virtual tour of the university before you attend in person.

This will help familiarise yourself with the campus so when you return you don’t need to stress about getting lost. 

Feeling anxious and scared about making friends on campus?

Well, I can safely say there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Everyone is in the same boat as you and are just as worried about socialising after such a long and strange period of remote learning during COVID-19.

But, here’s an idea to make your transition into campus and making friends a lot easier – why not connect with your friends you met on your course online throughout the summer to get to know them a bit more before you make that transition into campus less overwhelming and more so begging to look forward to.


Doing the first year of your course completely online has deflated students and made them feel that they have missed out on key experience such as freshers and opportunities to make friends. But don’t worry! There will definitely be a lots of opportunities for all students to social and you will get to meet plenty of other students from all the courses City (or other univeristies) has to offer.

The students union at City offer lots of student perks such as special discounted services as well as free goodies, now who doesn’t like the sound of that? Not only this, but you can join the a range of societies if you haven’t already and explore what they have to offer. Why not join the creative writing society? Or the manga society? Well the choice is yours, so start exploring on City’s Student Union website with all the different societies you can join now!

Are you an international student and are planning on staying in London whilst continuing your second year at uni?

Well, you may be thinking what can you do to make the all the more daunting experience of not only going to campus for the first time but coming to a whole new city to start your journey as an undergrad. You can always start your journey of making yourself more familiar with your university campus by exploring the many amenities London has to offer. Why not go on walks in the bustling streets of London and see what the city has to offer you.

And mostly, have fun, let loose and enjoy your time seeing London’s attractions because your experience studying at City will be all the more special. 

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