Resource Round up: mental health

Before we all head off for the rest of the summer holidays, here’a quick look at some useful resources parents and young people can turn to if they’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed this summer.

Teen Mental Health – A Guide for Parents

My Tutor have put together resources on common mental health problems for teens, and what parents can do to help. There’s useful tips on reducing academic anxiety as well as links to resources on dealing with social media feedswhich we all know can be overwhelming at times!

Anticipating GCSE results

For young people feeling the roller coaster of emotions in the run up to getting their GCSE results, Andy’s post on getting ready for the GGSE results big day is definitely worth a read!

Building your resilience and gratitude

Back when we started the blog at the beginning of the lockdowns, we put together some resources on building resilience through gratitude journalling, identifying your network and more. Take a look at our blogs and activities on what resilience is and how to build resilience with support networks.

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