Building confidence for an interview

You’ve been invited for an interview, and you are feeling anxious about the whole process. Nerves are settling in, there may be a million questions buzzing around your head, so what are the best steps you can take to get through the process with as little pain as possible…

Preparation: Sounds obvious, but the more preparation you do, the more this will help you feel more confident about the whole process. Do your research on the company and the role you are applying for. The company website is always a good starting point – read press coverage and identify the company’s future goals. If you want to really impress your interviewer, why not try to build up your commercial awareness within the sector. This is more of a long term strategy, but can pay dividends in making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Look up interview questions: There are many resources you can tap into. A couple of good starting points would be to read our career guide on preparing for interviews. Wiki jobs and e financial careers are also good resources to look over.

Get practicing: Book a mock interview with a Careers Consultant from the team and get constructive feedback. Maybe practice with a friend/family member. Also, Be My Interviewer is a good website to practice virtually using interactive videos. Watch the Making an Impact video which shows real students and recent graduates at actual interviews. Be ready to prepare some questions to ask the employer at the end of your interview.

Controlling nerves on the day: It’s perfectly normal to have some nerves before your interview. Knowing how to manage these is key to performing your best.

Rashida Ahmad

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