Could a career in Finance be for you?

A new myth-busting video “What is Finance?” could help you decide.

Although there is no shortage of City business grads going into careers in finance, every year arts, social science, engineering, informatics, law and health grads also chose to make their career in finance. You might be thinking “But do I need to be really good at Maths?” and the answer is “No, you don’t”. Only GCSE Maths grade B – C or above is expected for many roles.

The documentary style video film has 10 sections, so you can dip in and out, as you like.

If you like what you see and hear, then explore the Directions website, which specialises in providing careers information about financial careers, containing information about 65 careers in finance, it includes case studies and video clips.

If you decide finance is definitely not for you, then visit the  highly-rated CareerPlayer webpages, where hundres of career videos bring  graduate jobs to life.  This site also includes tips on how to develop your employability skills.



Antonia Clark

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