(BSc) Mathematics = Fashion / another hidden job market

I’ve just returned with my employer liaison colleague from a meeting with a medium sized employer based very close to City University London on Goswell Road. We met them a little while back at a careers fair and had agreed to meet up to find out their hiring plans for the next year.

The company is called Far Fetch (www.farfetch.com), they are an online site that brings together products from fashion boutiques around the world which is reflected in their offices (London, Guimaraes, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo), and they’re currently looking for a mathematician. That’s right, a mathematician.

The role is as a Junior Pay Per Click (PPC) Executive. Now they’re looking for a mathematician but I’m wondering if a mathematician is looking for them? A global online fashion company. You wouldn’t think the two were connected and that’s a pity because these are the very hidden jobs I’m talking about. The ones that from the company profile don’t look like they would exist. Well think, and look, again. Luckily we’re here to flag the vacancy to you but don’t get too reliant on us and stop judging a (company) book by its cover.   

p.s. they are looking for engineers as well! Yes really.

David Gilchrist

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