Honesty of the long-distance runner

Some time ago this piece of news caught my attention.

This caught my eye for the following reasons:

  1. This hero is Spanish, like me!
  2. This hero has achieved instant glory by coming out of competition mode for the sake of supporting others

Why am I sharing this now, in this forum? Well, many of you will be soon preparing for Assessment Centres. Some of you might approach them on competition mode. You will try so hard to portray yourself in the best possible light, that you will forget that employers want to see how you work with others. Some of you, however, will show a natural disposition to support other candidates. You will ensure that your peers do well. By doing that, you will do well. Isn’t this what the world of work should be like? Couldn’t it be that this is the best possible personality trait that you could show at an assessment Centre? Give it some thought…

To read more about assessment centres, and how your Careers Service can support you, go here


Estanis Bouza

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