Management Consultancy – an eclectic career opportunity

Why do more students  not consider a career in consulting? I sometimes wonder, but don’t have an answer. It certainly has a lot going for it as a profession. No specific degree subject is usually required. There is  plenty of variety. And for students with both strong analytical  and comnmunication skills, who like the idea of a client-facing role,  enjoy solving problems and have an interest in business, it could be the perfect match.

So what does  Trainee  Management Consultant do?  

In a nutshell, the role involves developing an understanding of different business sectors such as broadcasting, banking, telecoms and energy in order to advise clients on how to drive innovation and growth, manage cost and operate efficiently.You can be a generalist and work with many different sectors or operate as a specialist consultant , focussing on aspects which interest you such as business strategy, economics, risk or climate change and sustainability. Continue Reading