Getting into the gaming industry – secrets revealed

With the connection between City University and the UK gaming industry continuing to grow I couldn’t miss out on the chance to attend a recent whole day session unveiling the secrets of how to get into the gaming industry. A heck of a lot of ground was covered by the representatives from Creative Skillset, Gamesys and Frontier (amongst others) but here are the top 5 things that stood out to me.

1. The role of the portfolio – a killer online portfolio can go a long way to getting you an interview. Make sure it’s kept up to date, is error free and looks professional. Feature specific games projects, ideally smaller less complex projects that you actually completed rather than unfinished more complex ones. Show the beginning, middle and end stages you went through to complete the project. This should include your thought processes and rationale behind the decisions you made along the way. Feature the range of capabilities you have by including a variety of projects.

2. The ‘exotic’ locations – tie yourself to the bright lights of London and you could be missing out on Continue Reading