City students – Get paid to tutor young people in the local area in English or Maths

A great opportunity to support disadvantaged young people, a chance to develop your leadership skills whilst enhancing your CV, as well as earning around £12 an hour. What more could you ask? We are currently looking for students to tutor English or Maths in primary schools or for GCSE or A Level, to start this October. For more infomation contact wptutoring@city.ac.uk. Applications deadline:13 June 2014.

This really is the perfect opportunity to develop your CV. Why? Not only because employers regard tutoring as a leadership role, but also you develop your own communication skills, such as building rapport with young people to gain their trust, listening skills in order to meet their needs and persuasion skills, as well as team working and organisational skills – all of which are key skills that graduate employers look for. It goes withoput saying that if you are considering a career in teaching, that this also a very smart thing to do to test your vocation.


Antonia Clark

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