Summer Sprint Development programme for women-now open!



Applications are now open for the Sprint programme, which is a personal development programme for women, which will be held over 5 days at City this summer. It is a great opportunity to build your confidence, which shouldn’t be missed. I have not met anyone who has said  anything other than it was a really positive experience for them. 97% of participants say that they would engage further with Sprint if there was opportunity to do so. But I’ll leave it to a recent participant to convince you…….

“I just wanted to give some feedback on the Sprint programme, I thought that it was a really well organised programme where I had the chance to meet and network with some great people. Although its for a few days, it was efficient in that I managed to take a lot away from it for my self development. It has also been reassuring to know that there are a lot of female undergraduates who share similar concerns, which Sprint aims to tackle. It’s been a big confidence booster and extremely helpful, thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Sprint programme” – Vazia Boota, City University Sprint Participant, (Sociology) Summer 2013

Both undergrads and postgrads can apply. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2015. To read more or apply go to http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/for-students-and-recent-graduates/sprint

Antonia Clark

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