Guest Blog: Sales – the Ideal Graduate Job?

Guest Blog by Matt Arnerich, Inspiring Interns

With success driven rewards, competitive salaries and the chance to work in an area that interests you, graduate sales jobs have plenty to offer.

So long as there are things to sell, there will always be a place for graduates in a whole variety of sales roles. In fact, according to High Fliers more than a quarter of leading employers are looking to hire graduates in a sales role.

So, in the ever expanding world of graduate jobs, why might sales be the route for you?

Perks of the Job

Graduate jobs in sales can be an extremely attractive proposition. Besides the wining and dining, expenses lifestyle available, they often offer attractive salaries for graduates up to and including 24K. On top of this, the majority of sales roles involve some sort of commission package, with the exciting opportunity to achieve huge benefits based on your success.

As sales is a career that operates across sectors, there’s the opportunity to specialise in something you’re passionate about, including putting the technical knowledge you learnt in your degree to good use. Often a company car may be thrown in the mix, and career progression can be relatively speedy, as is moving across sectors.

Sell it to me

Even if you don’t see yourself as wanting a long term career in sales, it’s a great sector to get your first start in. You’ll gain invaluable skills in tons of different areas and graduate jobs are there to teach you something that can kick-start you career.

The most important thing you’ll learn from a career in sales is exemplary communication skills. Your day-to-day work life will be full of important customer contact and so you’ll have to quickly learn the best way to communicate in a professional and convincing way. The resilience you’ll gain will be essential moving forward with your career, as dealing with rejection is an integral part of sales. The confidence you’ll gain from being told “no” and picking yourself up will be huge.

Perhaps most importantly, sales will show you the best way to succeed. Fresh out of university, it will give you the drive to succeed in whatever you move on to, due to the culture of being judged by your results.

Convinced? Next Steps…

Before you start the hunt it’s worth thinking about what it is that you want, and what area might suit your skills. Sales roles are hugely varied, you need to think about whether you want to be based mainly in an office on the phones, or out in the field. It’s also worth deciding what kind of pay structure would suit you and of course what it is you think you’d be best suited to selling.

As ever, make sure you research the company before you apply for the role and find out as much as you can to work out if it’s suitable for your needs and skills.

Sell Yourself

So you’ve found the perfect sales job for you, what’s next? Even if you haven’t got any direct sales experience, any retail, hospitality or charity collection work you’ve done in your spare time will be impressive. Think of a time you’ve had to persuade someone to do something and how you did it. They WILL ask you this question in the interview.

It all sounds very Wolf of Wall Street, but the truth is they might ask you to sell them something in the interview, and it’s worth having a few practice rounds with your family and friends to prepare yourself.

Finally, remember that the interviewer won’t just be looking for your answers but the way you deliver them. They’ll be looking to see if you’re easy to get along with, friendly and enthusiastic.

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