Guest blog post – Insights into Commercial Awareness, the Recruiter’s Perspective.

A few weeks ago, Bethany Foote delivered an interactive workshop at The City Law School. Beth works in the award-winning graduate team as a Recruitment Specialist at Clifford Chance.

She was able to provide us with insights into commercial awareness from the recruiter’s perspective.

Commercial awareness to Clifford Chance is being able to read the news and apply your knowledge by relating it to real life examples. For example, considering the political, social and economic factors of the content you are reading.

At Clifford Chance, they value highly candidates who know where they sit in the legal economy.

In order to ensure a smooth assessment day and produce a good application, there are some things you must do:

  • Clifford Chance’s assessment day includes a competency interview designed to determine whether you have the skills needed to succeed as a trainee solicitor. Ensure you research the role of a Trainee and the typical tasks they undertake. Familiarising yourself with this role will be worthwhile.
  • Tailor your CV and make it specific to Clifford Chance’s ethos. Demonstrate commercial knowledge of their clients, deals, and international offices. You can keep up with the latest business and finance news by reading The Financial Times, or City A.M. Alternatively, you can receive economic updates by subscribing to either Legal Week or Lawyer2B.
  • Why Clifford Chance? What makes up the ‘Clifford Chance DNA’? You must understand and be able to explain their unique selling point. Familiarising yourself with the eight Clifford Chance principles will help you understand what distinguishes them from their competitors (other magic circle giants).

I hope these tips were helpful. Good luck with all your future applications!

Christianah Babajide is a legal journalist and aspiring barrister. She is studying her Bachelors of Laws at The City Law School. On behalf of City University London’s Careers Service she hopes to write event reviews and be sharing crucial tips she has learnt over the years in her LLB degree on this blog. Christianah also writes for Lawbore as a Future Lawyer. In this piece, she reports back on an event where students heard from an expert; the meaning of Commercial Awareness.

Author: Christianah Babajide

Christianah Babajide

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