Guest Blog Post: Tips for success in an interview, by Aedan @ReflectDigital

Man And Woman Waiting To Enter A Job InterviewHow can you improve your interviewing technique?


Interviews can be hard, the final stage towards getting that job you need. To succeed in interviews there are a few key factors and common errors that it is best to be award of, correcting these common errors will enhance your chances against your counterparts. To think of a company use a recruitment company like Hiring People  who post a single job on 100 different job board you could potentially have 10 apply to each posting which accounts to 1000 other applicants apply for the same job as you so you need to ensure you and your cv are ready to impress.

In this article we look at how you can enhance your chances at interview, because no matter the qualifications you hold it is important to succeed at this process to earn yourself the job you desire.

With almost half of recent graduates in the UK still unemployed, or even employed in jobs that undergraduates could do – it begs the question why are they not getting the jobs they are enabled to do? It could be simply down to not grasping and executing the basics of interviewing, meaning that older and more experienced people may be getting these jobs. Thus showing how you imperative it is to know what to expect.

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Guest Blog Post: Five things never to put on your CV


              James Rice, Head of Digital Marketing at WikiJob on:

         Five things never to put on your CV


Writing or updating your CV takes a lot of effort, so you’d probably be surprised how little time graduate employers take to assess whether you might be the right candidate.

Five minutes? One minute?

Try six seconds. This is a field where first impressions count for everything, and where mistakes or a lack of professionalism can make the difference between the in-tray and the discard pile. Often those errors are seemingly trivial ones that you may not realise are what’s behind your application getting rejected.

Make sure your CV passes the six-second test by ensuring these five things never appear on it:

  1. Your life story or too much personal info.

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What is your ideal job? by Tavistock Tutors

large-446352-unnamedHow about one that is well-paid, varied, flexible, puts to use all that you have learnt at university, and even helps others?

Working as a real estate tutor with Tavistock Tutors can provide all this in a friendly environment perfect for graduates with a passion for real estate.

At the heart of tuition is, quite simply, helping people understand. You will therefore need patience and a willingness to approach concepts creatively. When you are successful in this, it is not only the client
that benefits. Our tutors love that they can keep learning about real estate. Revisiting topics from a new perspective can really provide you with an edge for future interviews.
Many of our tutors value the flexibly which tuition provides. You are free to organise your time, and tutor alongside other work. Pay is also very competitive and increases with experience.

As a recent graduate, you can provide a unique first-hand experience of the course and its content. Think back to your first week at university, what advice would you give yourself now? That advice would be invaluable to your tutees and it is this that often makes graduates the best tutors.

You must have a passion for teaching and past experience in education is an advantage. However, Tavistock Tutors provide extensive training and support to all its tutors.

Applying to Tavistock Tutors is simple. We look for a strong academic record and commitment for at least 2 years.

We are always looking for the very best tutors, so if this looks like a career for you then let us know via email on: info@tavistocktutors.com

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Guest Blog Post: “Working at a Startup: a recent graduate’s perspective” by Sarah Bourke

CarWow Founders

CarWow Founders

The startup scene is booming at the moment. Companies like Facebook and Google have glamorised startup culture and these days, the “next big company” is nearly always a startup. Most people think startups are full of hip twenty-somethings lounging around colourful, gimmicky offices, playing table tennis, writing code, and discussing techy-sounding marketing terms. Admittedly this is a pretty accurate picture of what a startup actually looks like, but there’s a lot more involved if you want to succeed at a startup.

For recent graduates, working in a startup can be a bit of a rude awakening – no one will hold your hand or micro-manage you and, if you’re not willing to put in the work, you might well fail.

I work for carwow, a rapidly-growing startup based in London. In the six months since I started, we’ve grown from a team of seven to 19 and seen a 150% increase in revenue. We’re still very much in the startup phase, though, which means rapid growth and facing new challenges daily. Things move at a frenetic, dizzying pace and everyone is expected to pitch in to meet deadlines. To succeed at a startup, you’ll need to be proactive, able to work independently, and willing to be a jack-of-all-trades. Work ethic is valued over years of experience and innovative solutions over traditional fixes. You’ll learn new skills daily, on the fly, and have to learn to adapt constantly.

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Win a scholarship of 2000Euro & 1-3 month paid internship!

City University London is now a participant of the GoEuro Scholarship Programme

City University London has been registered and is eligible to participate in the GoEuro Scholarship Programme. The winning student will receive a scholarship of €2000 and the chance to complete a 1-3 month paid internship at GoEuro’s Berlin office.

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Guest Blog Post: Living & Working in Hong Kong with Headstart Group

hong-kongHot in the summer, mild in the winter.  Any teacher knows that longitude/latitude tell the truth!  Here, you can wear all of your best clothing for all seasons!

Only here will you be in a Special Administrative Region.  You will hear people say “One country, two systems”.  Understand HK embraces free speech.  Also understand that HK is still part of China.

Never a dull moment.  From the Chinese Opera to the Fringe Club…to the performers in Times Square to the beautiful lions dancers, Hong Kong is full of culture.

Grand views from our mountains and from our seas.  Imagine jumping into the South China Sea from a “junk” (party/event boat) with the world at your fingertips.  Incredible.

Konger.  That is what you shall become if you come.  A “Hong Konger”.  Part of the scene, the life, the education system.  Join us!

Other cultural interests include:  ballet, local acting, fishing, boating, relaxing, football, sports,

Need a friend in HK?  Not to worry, you can call Headstart.  We take pride in offering outings for our more than 100 teachers each month or even offering suggestions via your newsletter.

Going somewhere?  Hong Kong is the perfect “lift off” to anywhere in Asia. Plus, your teacher concierge will help you coordinate your first trips until you feel comfortable!

Find out more about working in Hong Kong as a teacher with Headstart Group: http://www.headstartgroup.co/ or follow them on Twitter: @headstartgroup1


Guest Blog: Synergy Vision launches a new, in-house Development Programme for training of new staff.


Award-winning medical communications agency, Synergy Vision, is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new staff training programme that aims to give a group of new recruits a flying start in medical communications.

The Synergy Vision Development Programme is dedicated to supporting science graduates through intensive training and the opportunity to fulfil their ambition to begin a career within the medical communications industry. Important aspects of training include engaging discussions led by industry experts, and creative, interactive sessions with their highly experienced team, all with a strong emphasis on the company’s core team values: open, smart, fresh, and real.

The programme begins with four weeks of in-depth training encompassing everything related to the medical communications world, from account and events management, business development and medical writing. Candidates are then given the opportunity to rotate between departments so they can identify their strengths before settling in to their designated roles. The involvement of current staff is key in this process; their enthusiasm and passion for what they do at Synergy Vision is demonstrated in their innovative approach to the medical communications industry. The candidates will be documenting their progress via their own blog, and Synergy Vision looks forward to releasing future updates on their career development at 6- and 12-month periods.

The extensive training reflects Synergy Vision’s continuing commitment to investment in its staff (awarded silver in the Investors in People accreditation). The company believes that this intensive training and rotation will not only help to identify the key strengths of the new recruits so that they excel in their chosen positions from day one, but will also help them to seamlessly integrate into existing project teams, which will be of great benefit to our clients and contribute to overall company progress.

Synergy Vision has grown from strength to strength since its beginnings in 2007 by Ffyona Dawber, a pharmaceutical clinical development specialist, who recognised a gap in the market for an agency with a unique combination of pharma and agency experience that understands the challenges and needs of the client. Ffyona attributes the company’s success to the dedication of the staff: “We at Synergy Vision are all about the people we work with. We enjoy working in an environment that is fresh and open and we want staff to grow and develop with us. Investing in people is essential to the growth of any company, and we are excited to welcome in new skillsets to add to our highly-experienced team, to help us to continue to grow and deliver the difference.”


Guest Blog Post: Creative Fair

Facebook - Cover Photo

Start-up at Scale – The New Mould

Only shooting stars break the mould. It may be 15 years since Smash Mouth penned those words, but the sentiment is one that has stood the test of time. The modern equivalent might be something like: go hard or go home. In start-up land you most definitely have to go hard; and since the second year of university going home has not been an option for Eoin and I. Simultaneous studies and paid work leave little room for creativity, but if you are committed to breaking the mould, then you find a way.

Creative Fair was born out of a need for us to take control. Research released earlier this year showed that the creative industries are worth £71.4 billion/year in the UK alone. One breakdown gave this as being equivalent to £8 million/hour. It also showed that the sector accounted for 1.86 million jobs in 2012 or 5.6% of all employment.

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Guest Blog Post: Kick-starting your international career

*This is a guest blog post from Ruth Summers, British Council on the topic of international careers*

The world is changing and becoming increasingly interconnected with cultural dexterity and awareness becoming a much desired skill set for those sought after international graduate opportunities.

In a recent study conducted by the European Commission 64 per cent of businesses stated that international experience would make a candidate more employable. For us, the message is quite clear: international experience; be it though working, studying, volunteering or pretty much in any other capacity is a guaranteed way to enhance your job prospects as a UK grad.

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