The purpose of this blog is to share quotes/snippets from my thesis in a shareable format (images) for Social Media for ease of sharing and a link to my PhD thesis itself. (There are four slides of recommendations – do check them out). My PhD was in Health Psychology with the School of Health & Psychological Sciences, Centre for Maternal and Child Health, exploring and documenting BrItish Muslims’ Experiences of Pregnancy And ChildBirth Trauma (aka The IMPACT study).

The thesis can be downloaded here in full: https://openaccess.city.ac.uk/id/eprint/29686/ 

I am also sharing on this blog a post that holds the recommendations arising from my thesis and a post that contains the research model I created as a result of my research process.

It’s been an incredible journey which I hope to write about in the future but for now here are the snippets and the research model to ponder on!

Enjoy reading! 🙂