Poppulo has gone live – City’s new internal communications platform

The MAfS Team have been hard at work setting up and implementing the new student and staff communications platform – Poppulo, which is a part of the Student Communications project. Damian, Yusuf and Mariana from MAfS worked alongside colleagues from Marketing and External Relations at City including… Continue Reading

2020-21 rolls in with Personalised Timetables and SEAM rollout

The image is a spaghetti diagram, which builds from two central circles: the SEAM project and the PerTi project. Each project then has associated programmes that formed part of the project pilot. These programmes are listed as bullet points in the text.

In September 2019, we rolled out the Personalised Timetables (PerTi) and Student Engagement and Attendance Monitoring (SEAM) projects to more students across City as part of a second pilot. In September 2020, we had planned to extend the projects to full rollout, encompassing all undergraduate and some nominated… Continue Reading