“As teachers, our responsibility is to encourage our students to engage, facilitate full participation, account for learning differences and help them develop their skills. Activities are useful in achieving all these aims. Different activities will be suitable for different parts of the seminar. The seminar can be structured around 2/3 activities that help the students engage with a number of topics or answer certain questions. These activities are particularly useful for subjects that do not have right or wrong answers, but involve ideas, discussions and debates.”

Dr Leonie Fleischmann, Lecturer in International Relations in the department of International Politics.

Use the top menu to find out more about how to structure a tutorial (“Structure”) and explore activity ideas for the beginning (“Opening”), middle (“Intermediate”) or end (“Closing”) of your tutorial. All activities will include an indication of its format (group work, whole class, etc) and approximate preparation and/or implementation time


Lecturer preparation time and how students work:

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