Month: February 2017

Serious Adverse Effects: Acute Dystonic Reaction

You are probably very familiar with giving PRN Procyclidine to help patients with extrapyrimidal side effects… but it is worth knowing that occasionally dystonic reactions can be so severe, they can be life-threatening. This post should help you: Identify those most at risk of acute dystonic reaction Understand and identify what are the most life-threatening

Serious Adverse Effects: Agranulocytosis / Neutropenia

Learn about different types of white blood cell, the range of things that can cause agranulocytosis, what the symptoms of agranulocytosis are, and view Trust guidelines on how to manage clozapine.   You’ll know that clozapine can cause agranulocytosis and neutropenia, but unless you work in a Clozapine Clinic, you may not know what these

Serious Adverse Effects: Acquired Long QT Syndrome

Learn about what Acquired Long QT Syndrome is, how it presents, what can induce it, and what mental health medications are associated with it.   How much attention have you drawn to the advice at the top of the Section of Antipsychotics in the BNF? On this page, have a look at point 4 of

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