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Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neuron by ZEISS Microscopy (2016)

Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neuron by ZEISS Microscopy (2016)

It may be fair to say that mental health nursing and biology have not sat comfortably with one another in the past… Especially as a large part of it involves neuroscience – not the easiest of biological subjects. However, the NMC now specifically mentions a range of biological sciences in its framework for education. At the same time, many seemingly unrelated areas of medicine are coming together to change the face of the discipline. Many new pharmacological treatments, predictive testing, and even a complete review of disease classification could be on the horizon. In addition to all of this, mental health nurses are now expected to have a far greater understanding of physical healthcare.

These are the challenges that face us, but across the internet, there is a wealth of freely available, reliable, and accessible resources in a variety of formats to suit all learning styles. This site aims to bring the most appropriate of these to you. Choose what you want to learn about, whether it’s to gain a better understanding of specific mental or physical health conditions or the therapeutics used to treat them. Alternatively, browse through the Resources Section for links that you know will consistently benefit you or the service users you care for.

This site is designed for students getting to grips with pathophysiology and pharmacology for the first time, but also for registered nurses wanting to refresh or build on what they already know. For registered nurses, if you keep a record of your time working through particular posts, you could put this down as CPD and it could help with your revalidation.


Calling all mental health bioscience lecturers!

We would love for this to become a national collaborative project! If you are interested in contributing content to this site, please contact Ben Murphy directly.

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