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Why study the rich?

Jo Littler gave her answer to this question at the Rabbits Road Institute in Manor Park, Newham this weekend. ‘Why study the Rich?’ was the culmination of a project run by artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck in collaboration with GCSE Sociology students from Little Ilford School in Newham and Create London.  The day featured…

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Creative Works London festival 29 April

A last chance to get your name on the list to attend the Creative Works London festival. This is the ‘wrap up’ event for the 4 year long AHRC Creative Hub that Prof Andy Pratt and Prof Ros Gill have been involved in. The event covers a summary of results and what next in the field of the creative economy and knowledge exchange. Location…

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#Damonsplaining in Dublin

Jo Littler was invited to give a talk this week in the School of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin. Jo’s paper, entitled ‘#Damonsplaining and the unbearable whiteness of merit’, was based on a chapter from her forthcoming book on meritocracy.


Ros Gill (CCI) and Shani Orgad (LSE) have been out and about talking about their work on the confidence cult(ure). On April 7th they were at Creature Advertising Agency offering a whirlwind tour of changing gender representations in advertising, coming up to date with debates about  just how radical  the new confidence trend of “femvertising” actually…

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The passions of Capitalism

CCI’s Laura Garcia-Favaro, Rosalind Gill and Marisol Sandoval were in Pavia, Italy, at the end of March, presenting their work at the E-COST network ‘Passions of Capitalism’ conference (See picture).

Andy, Janet, Jenny and Cecilia in San Francisco at the AAG – the American Association of Geographers’ annual meeting

CCI staff presented papers at the AAG in San Francisco this March: Dr Janet Merkel organised, together with Friederike Landau (Technischen Universität Berlin), two sessions on ‘Negotiating the ‘Creative City’: A new cultural governance for the ‘the creative city’?, in which Prof Andy Pratt, Dr Jenny Mbaye, Dr Cecilia Dinardi, among others, delivered presentations. Janet and Friederike…

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This week Marisol Sandoval in collaboration with the co-operatives Altgen and Blake House launched A website dedicated to exploring worker co-operatives as an alternative to precarious, individualised and exploitative work in the cultural sector. The website for example includes a directory of cultural co-operatives in the UK and short video case studies that look…

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