What Bayes MSc in International Accounting and Finance means to me

We recently caught up with Norah A. Alowidy (MSc in International Accounting and Finance, 2014) on why she chose to study at Bayes, how it has helped her career progression and any advice she would give to prospective students.

What motivated you to study International Accounting and Finance? When did you first become interested in the subject? 

The Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountants (SOCPA), the accounting standard setter for Saudi Arabia, announced in 2012 that it would require the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards for all financial statements of entities listed on the financial market commencing January 1, 2017. At the time of the SOCPA announcement, I became motivated to learn more about the international accounting standards as I was in the early stages of my career and wanted to be on the forefront of the new requirements in my home country. I made the decision to study those standards in depth and to obtain a master’s degree in international accounting.

I researched many programmes across the globe that served my learning goals and was very fortunate to identify the MSc in International Accounting & Finance offered by Bayes Business School. After meeting the master’s programme entry requirements, I was accepted to pursue my studies at Bayes. This was a decision that has shaped my professional career and one that I will never regret.

What motivated you to choose Bayes Business School?

Bayes Business School was a pioneer in offering a master’s degree programme in international accounting standards. According to my research, Bayes Business School had an outstanding reputation as a prestigious business school that offered a world-class education, academic staff with industry expertise and international perspectives, and located in a city with deep cultural history.  These were all important attributes I was seeking from a higher educational institution.

How did you find the course, did you have any favourite modules/lecturers? If so, why?

The module offerings in the International Accounting and Finance programme were both challenging and practical at the same time. The lecturers were entertaining and informative. We had such talented lecturers who made us never want to miss a class. The independent research projects and the group course works were so very beneficial in enhancing my management skills, presentation skills, and both oral and written communication skills. My favourite modules were definitely Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, and Financial Statement Analysis.

Could you please tell us about your current job role?

I am currently employed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia, which is the regulatory authority over the capital markets in Saudi Arabia. I am a Team Leader, in the Financial Statements & Auditors Division of the CMA. The Financial Statements & Auditors Division has responsibility for the oversight of registered accounting firms that audit entities, which fall under the jurisdiction of the CMA.

Two of my primary responsibilities include reviewing the registrations of accounting firms and certified public accountants and conducting audit oversight activities, including inspections of audits of entities subject to authority supervision and systems of quality controls of registered accounting firms of all sizes in Saudi Arabia. Other roles and responsibilities I have had included reviewing the financial statements of listed companies.

How do you believe your master’s has impacted your career and your career goals?

My MSc in International Accounting & Finance provided me with the foundational knowledge regarding governance, accounting, and auditing that I needed to be successful at the CMA. After completing the programme, I was able to continue to focus on my professional development and was successfully awarded the International Financial Reporting Standards Certificate provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the International Auditing Certificate provided by Associate of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

What advice would you have for students considering International Accounting and Finance?

Anyone who may have an interest in accounting, the MSc in International Accounting & Finance is a perfect programme as it developed my practical, analytical, and decision-making skills in finance and accounting, as well as my over management skills. Moreover, it helped me appreciate the implications of current accounting and finance theory for practical issues.

Do you have a favourite memory from your time studying with us?

My favourite memories while at Bayes Business School are with my classmates. We had an international blended classroom that provided learning from a varied set of diverse, cultural, educational, and industry experiences. I have nothing but respect for the MSc in International Accounting & Finance programme students from 2013 -2014.

Anything else you would like to add?

My decision to enrol at the Bayes Business School has been one of the best decisions of my personal life and has served as the foundation for my professional career success. As a proud alumna of the MSc International Accounting and Finance course, I’m sure there are many others with great success stories, who are equally delighted to be apart of the Bayes community and I look forward to reading about them on the Alumni Blog.

Thank you to Norah for taking part in our Alumni Stories and sharing her experiences. If you’d like to connect with Norah, you can find her on the following social media platforms: