Achieve success: Anne Welsh (MSc Investment Management, 2008)

An image of Anne in LondonAttending Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) was a wonderful experience. I was challenged by the study programme but most importantly, I felt a great sense of community with the professors and students. The support I received as a sickle cell student was tremendous, and this helped me achieve strong academic results.

I made lots of friends from different backgrounds and still keep in touch with them. I found it very useful engaging with my fellow students. This helped me learn different viewpoints, exchange ideas and discuss issues that were taught in class.

Doing my MSc at Bayes made applying for city jobs easier, as attending this prestigious school opened doors and gave me access to a broad set of opportunities. During internships, I worked with colleagues in similar positions as myself and we were able to share understanding of how to navigate the very competitive banking world while helping each other grow our career ambitions.

Upon graduating in 2008, I was hired by Lehman Brothers Asset Management for the Investment Management Division. After Lehman, I had my firstchild and focused on charity work as Chairperson of the Sickle Cell Society UK before starting my own consultancy company focused on business development and branding.

In June 2019, I launched my memoir Pain-less: Living with Pain, Finding Joy. I felt it was my duty to raise awareness of the sickle cell condition, all the while continuing to be an advocate for improving awareness of the disease and sharing experiences of how to improve the quality of life while living with this invisible illness.

Painless Universal was launched in 2020 to be a purposeful guide to living your best life Painlessly. Our mission is to educate, motivate, create, and curate a joy and performance lifestyle achievable by all. We are a family of individuals, organisations and government. Surrounding our communities, we also have a collection of show offerings – conversations, events, and ways of dealing with pain through our consultancies. This way, we create a wrap-around experience for every person that joins us, not just through our conversations, but beyond the chats as well.

Anne’s alumni profile was originally published in the Postgraduate Prospectus 2024/25.