Integration of the RPB HealTec system

The final RPB HealTec system configuration was implemented in May 2016 on the premises of the A22 Brennero Motorway.

Integration of the multi-sensor system was performed on the software and hardware levels for the main NDT sensors: GPR, IRT and ACU as well as the spatial referencing equipment: INS/GPS and DMI.

Installation of GSSI SIR 30 GPR system with 900 MHz and 1.6 GHz antennas for subsurface structure assessment and detection of defects and deterioration areas:

DR.HILLGER ACU system with 75 KHz transducers for profiling of the surface layer condition and identification of the changes in the asphalt material properties:

FLIR A655SC IRT camera for inspection of the structural condition of the top asphalt layers based on the analysis of segregation patterns in combination with HDV for spatial referencing and detection of surface defects:

Hardware and software level integration for synchronised sensor data acquisition:

The RPB HealTec team: