First GSRF Event

In our very first GSRF event on March 25 2014, Lia Litosseliti gave a talk on “Gender and Language: Around the Field in 40 Minutes”. The talk was followed by discussion, and then we all exchanged interests and ideas over a glass of wine and nibbles.

Lia Litosseliti is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, Language and Communication Science at City University London. Lia has been teaching and writing on gender and language/ discourse for nearly 20 years. She is the author of the books Using Focus Groups in Research (2003) and Gender and Language: Theory and Practice (2006); editor of Research Methods in Linguistics (2010); and co-editor, with colleagues, of Gender Identity and Discourse Analysis (2002), Gender and Language Research Methodologies (2008) and Gender and Language in African Contexts (2013). She is 2012-14 President of the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA)/ Past President of IGALA 2014-16, current Associate Editor of the Gender and Language journal, and reviewer in this area for a range of funding bodies and journals.

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