The HNRN brings together researchers and practitioners who work on humanitarian news and communication. We are interested in a range of topics including:

*The content and ethics of humanitarian communication
*The citizens, journalists and organisations that make humanitarian news
*The political, economic and technological factors that shape humanitarian communication
*The impact of humanitarian news on audiences around the world.

The network hosts events where researchers and practitioners can share findings and debate issues. We also send out a semi-regular email full of the latest research and events about humanitarian communication. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

Please get in touch if you have events or research to share or ideas for collaboration.


We collaborate on events  and share research  with a range of media and development organisations, including


Mel Bunce Senior Lecturer in Journalism, City University London

Lilie Chouliaraki Professor of Media and Communications, LSE

Glenda Cooper Lecturer in Journalism, City University London

Simon Cottle Professor of Media and Communication, Cardiff University

Suzanne Franks Professor of Journalism, City University London

Matthew Powers Assistant Professor, University of Washington 

Martin Scott Lecturer in Media and International Development, University of East Anglia

Kate Wright Chancellor’s Fellow in the Cultural and Creative Industries Co-Investigator on AHRC Humanitarian Journalism project