The INCA project is investigating innovative technologies that will empower people with aphasia to create, curate and access digital content. This multi-disciplinary project involves human-computer interaction researchers, speech and language therapists, academia and charity working together. INCA is funded by the EPSRC through EP/P025587/1 and is led by Principal Investigator Stephanie Wilson in partnership with the Stroke Association and Dyscover.


The MakeWrite app is a fun way for people with aphasia to make and share creative writing. Users choose a source text, erase most of the words and then arrange the remaining words to create a new text or poem. MakeWrite introduces the idea of automated support for constrained creativity.

Download MakeWrite for iPad

Comic Spin App

Comic Spin is an app for people with aphasia to create and share short comic strips. Users select the number of panels they want in their comic strip, choose one or more themes and then select images and words for the panels. Like MakeWrite, Comic Spin uses the idea of automated support for constrained creativity. Comic Spin was developed by Carla Tamburro, MSc HCID student at City, in collaboration with the INCA project.