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LIT Library and Information Resource Centre (LIRC) is to host major International Library Conference. LIRC are proud to host the International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML) which will take place in the Savoy Hotel, Limerick, Ireland from the 23rd-26th May 2017. For further information about QQML 2017 please visit the QQML 2017 website available here http://www.isast.org/


Now in its ninth year, QQML is firmly established as an essential conference for library managers, decision makers and anyone who is interested in the assessment and improvement of library services and the measurement of the functional effectiveness and efficiency of libraries. Qualitative and Quantitative methods in libraries are vital in aiding decisions on fund allocation, financial alternatives and in order to determine why and when library users appreciate library services particularly in light of the immense opportunities and challenges we have been confronted with by the power of the Internet.

This is the second time LIRC have hosted QQML, having done so previously in 2012 where over 300 delegates attended the conference from over 50 countries. If you would like to attend QQML 2017 Limerick, you can still register, by downloading the registration form available on the QQML 2017 website http://www.isast.org/registrationhotels.html - complete and return the form to the Conference Secretariat at: secretar@isast.org

LIRC will also co-host the Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference (WBILC) 2017.

In association with Western Balkan partner universities and libraries, LIRC are honoured to co-host the Western Balkan Information Literacy Conference (WBILC 2017) again this year. For further information about WBILC 2017 and to register please visit the WBIL conference website http://www.wbilc2017.com/en/

If you would like to submit a paper for presentation at WBILC 2017 there is still time as paper submission deadline is May 20th. Selected papers will be published in the WBILC proceedings book and in the peer reviewed Education for Information (indexed by SCOPUS) ISSN print: 0167-8329; ISSN online1875-8649. To submit a paper please visit http://www.wbilc2017.com/en/call-for-papers.html

The Conference takes place in the Hotel Opal, in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As well as being an excellent Conference hotel, it is also situated in a truly beautiful setting - on the banks of the famous River Una- http://www.hotelopal.ba/

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The Conference which has been running for over 10 years is now considered one of the major Information Literacy Conferences of the World and has attracted some of the most renowned figures in the Information Literacy field. The keynote speaker at WBIL 2016 was Mr Paul Zurkowski- who of course is credited with coining the term information literacy. The keynote speaker the previous year was Dr. Christine Bruce- another major figure in the field of information literacy education.

LIRC have had a strong association with this conference over the years owing to our EU project work in the Western Balkan region in the field of Information Literacy. Between 2011-2015 we led the EU funded Tempus project Developing Information Literacy for lifelong learning and knowledge economy in Western Balkan countries- a €1.2 million project which developed information literacy initiatives in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo under UNSC Resolution 1244/99 and Montenegro.

This year’s WBILC features two major figures from the library and information literacy world as keynote speakers. The highly distinguished Judith Broady-Preston from Wales, United Kingdom makes her first appearance as keynote speaker at WBILC this year. Judith is currently Professor of Information Management and Director, Institute of Professional Development, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. Judith is Editor-in-Chief of the Emerald journal, Library Review and European editor JoEMLS. She is an editorial board member of seven international journals and numerous international conferences. She has received 7 major research prizes, in addition to the Higher Education Academy 2010 National Teaching Award for her “Outstanding Contribution to Information and Computer Science”.

Also participating this year as keynote speaker is Irina Zhilavskaya – Professor at the Moscow Pedagogical University, Russian Federation. Irina has made many significant contributions to the Information literacy field. She is a member of the Russian Committee of UNESCO Programme "Information for All" and Member of the Board of the National Association of mass media researchers (NAMMI). Irina is also Chief Editor of the scientific and educational magazine "Media, Information. Communication” and is President of the Association of Media Professionals. She has published over 100 articles on Information Technology, Media Education, Media-behavior, Media and Information Literacy, including the monograph "Media Education for Youth Audience", "Youth Media Education", "Media-behavior of the personality”.

For more details please contact:
Jerald Cavanagh Jerald.Cavanagh@lit.ie +35361293806
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